Sunday, 3 November 2013

Lovable moments

Here is a list of the lovable moments with sweet Naomi, a perk-me-up which works even better than coffee:

1. She wakes me up in the morning, pats on my arm till I turn my face towards her, and through groggy eyes, I see her beaming up at me. I forget all my tiredness.

2. She laughs despite my feeble attempts at play (i'm so bad at play, I think only Naomi would be intrigued by me).

3. In the middle of the night, she raises her legs and immediately, it is followed by a fart. She then slams her elephant thighs down again, all while being sound asleep.

4. She awakes in the middle of a nap, babbles to herself and in two minutes, falls straight back to sleep again. I am dumbfounded!

5. She calms immediately upon hearing my voice even though she may be crying inconsolably the moment before.

6. She chuckles in great delight and kicks her legs when she thinks papa is playing hide-and-seek with her (even though he wasn't haha).

7. For no rhyme or reason, she looks up at me and flashes the sweetest smile (you know, each smile somehow looks different and conotes a different meaning).

8. T.H.E moment when I discovered her first attempt to crawl (legs curled, butt lifted). Ok, I was esctatically calling out to my hubby to look!

9. She opens her arms to me when I raise my hands to carry her.

10. She strokes my face and 'sayangs' me, even though the very next moment, her small hands dive for my hair (she has a very strong grip :-/).

This is a reminder that all that I am doing is worth it. It is worth the time, the energy, the efforts and the 'sacrifices' made! I wish I can capture every moment. Even though I look forward to the time when Naomi can crawl, walk, run and talk, but I think I will miss this very moment that I have with her, this very present moment.

Mummy loves you always, my precious gift from God.