Sunday, 22 September 2013


It has been a while since I've blogged. In actual fact, I have had written 2 other posts but they are all half done. And by the time I continued on them, Naomi has progressed and the posts seem dated. Hence I have decided to start afresh and chronicle some thoughts about my parenting journey thus far. And the many blessngs that came along with it.

The truth is it has not been an easy journey. There are many ups and downs, and sometimes, when life seems so mundane and monotonous (tiring too!), I do wonder if there is any purpose in me staying home and if it may be better for Naomi and I if she is taken care by someone else instead. But time and again, whenever I start to waver, the Lord would remind me of His call and in essence, it is the call to obedience. I may not see the fruit of this obedience right now, but I just have to be faithful to Him who calls.

It has been 5 months and 2 weeks since I left my job (or any form of sanity for that matter ;p). As much as I may miss my job, and the perks (financial security, social and intellectual stimulation, the motivation to be well-groomed) that come along with it, I do not think that I have the heart to leave Naomi in the charge of someone else now (even trustworthy and loving care-takers like her grandparents!) and return to work. She has grown attached to me as much as I have grown attached to her (well, mummy cannot be out of sight for tooooo long. In people's opinion, it may be a bad thing... i need to train her not to be sticky and to be independent etc. But I'm glad she recognises mummy and I'm sure it won't be long before she decides to detach herself from me! So i'll enjoy it while it lasts. Furthermore, she is only a baby!) And I celebrate every little milestone that she has achieved. Her first spontaneous smile (and not because of muscle reflex), her first turn onto her back, her first babbling/more of croaking in response to people talking to her, her first handshake and high five, her first chuckle, her first time sitting upright (and enjoying it!)... All these I hold dearly to my heart and I am so thankful to have been able to watch her achieve these. And to be a part of it.

I am also grateful to God for my family. It hasn't been an easy adjustment for my hubby too. There are times when we are both frustrated with each other and helpless in this parenting journey. But I am thankful that despite his sense of indequacy, my husband actively helps out and is involved in raising Naomi. I know that despite whatever disagreements we may have, I have a husband who loves me and Naomi and that is more than enough. We will survive! :p I am also thankful for my dad, my parents-in-law, and my extended family. Their love for us and Naomi is evident and it would be a tough journey without their family support.

When I start counting my blessings, the list is endless! I have to say that I have not have had any hiccups in my breastfeeding journey thus far (even if I did, they must be so minute that I can't remember). No cracked/sore/bleeding nipples, no lack of milk supply, no painful engorgement, no preference of bottle over nipple etc. This, I have to give glory to God. I remember praying hard even before the arrival of Naomi, for God to empower and enable me to nurse Naomi successfully. And God has blessed me abundantly, beyond what I could have ever asked for. My success has to also be attributed to a dear friend (you know who you are!), who has encouraged me along the journey, who has come down personally to show me the ropes of bfg, who is on call 24/7 for me to ask questions or to raise concerns. Such a precious gift of friendship! And I am thankful for her love for me. :) These are the countless blessings of God, what is there left for me to complain!

God has been so good to my family and I in so many ways. He has answered many prayers that I have uttered to him, even on seemingly small matters. If I am to write them down, this blog would be too lengthy! I can only proclaim that truly, my God is good all the time! He does not promise a bed of roses as we go through life. But He promises His presence and Himself. What or who can supersede that!