Monday, 16 December 2013

Past 1 month

It has been a good one month since I last blogged and in this period of time, I have been amazed at the milestones that Naomi has reached. Firstly, she is able to sit steadily on her own. Secondly, at 7.5months old, she is able to clap her hands and does so whenever she hears music or when someone asks her to! Just last week, she learnt to fall backwards upon command (grandma taught her this and she falls back whenever we say 'pon chiak'!). Two days ago, she learnt how to reject people's interest and desire to carry her by turning away from them and clinging on tightly to my shirt. And today, she learnt how to wave bye-bye! All these happened so quickly and without warning. I sure am glad to be able to witness them and I give glory to God!

I thank God that throughout this course of time, Naomi has been a very cheerful baby who hardly cries. It is indeed an answered prayer for I prayed specifically while Naomi was in my womb, that she would be a happy baby (auntie joyce, not sure if you remember, but you prayed the same prayer for Naomi too). And Naomi has learnt to show affection to papa, mummy and her grandparents too! I will always remember the first time she used her tiny hands to draw my head to herself and then rested her cheeks against mine for a good 30seconds (14 dec 2013). This lovable baby loves hugs and kisses too and would spontaneously rest her head on the chest of mummy or papa. These heart-warming moments, I will always remember and I sincerely thank God for this precious gift of life. Thank you Lord for entrusting Naomi to the care of kevin and myself.

However, I am not going to deny the challenges that have come along our way. In fact, to put it simply, it has brought much upheaval to our lives and lifestyles. Even though it has been eight months, Kevin and I are still adjusting to our new family life together. I wouldn't deny that there were times where there was tension between us, two exhausted and often times, clueless individuals trying hard to adapt to being parents. It didn't help that there was no support peer group going through a similar life station, and that made it tougher. But our trust and confidence is in the Lord, that He will see us through. Also, it does get better as Naomi gets older. She is less sticky to me and I am able to leave her with familiar family members for a period of time to take a break. Kevin has also been the sweetest in relieving me even though I know he is equally deadbeat. During this season, I have also entertained thoughts of returning to work on a part-time basis, just to keep my sanity. However, I need, once again to hear from the Lord and know his call for my life during this season of time. I need that reassurance from the Lord that this is what He has called me to do and to rest in His faithfulness that He will carry me through! If I were to search my heart, this is truly the toughest call of God upon my life thus far, and I do wonder if I will survive and whether my labour in the lord will be in vain. I do not think that not being a sahm makes one less worthy as a mother. However, what matters is the call of God. Many may call me foolish to give up a secure job to stay home to look after Naomi when there are so many good alternatives. But the cry of my heart is to obey the Lord, more than taking care of the well-being of my child. When I obey Him, I know that He will take care of Naomi.

Sweetest Naomi, I do not need you to be a bright child or even a well-rounded child, mummy just want you to know that you are well-loved, by your abba papa, papa and mummy. Be happy and live unto the Lord.